Consultation to Financial and Legal Professionals

Wealth managers often find that their clients turn to them for assistance with many aspects of their life. Perhaps there are no living family members, or none  nearby. In such cases financial managers can find themselves spending a lot of time confronted with client needs unrelated to financial affairs. These clients can benefit from a Care Manager. Working together, we can take care of all issues not related to wealth management so you can focus on managing and increasing your client’s wealth.

We also work closely with lawyers and estate planners who may also find themselves pressed into service to handle client needs outside of legal or estate planning matters. We can work together to provide assessments, with follow up reports, on care needs for their clients as they age and as their needs change. We can help with placement decisions, as well as maintaining contact with all care providers and family members, ensuring the entire team is kept up-to-date on client changing needs and solutions. 

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