Comprehensive Assessment

Our unique Team Approach is geared to address all the needs of the client in a holistic way. Our Care Manager visits your loved one in their home to conduct a comprehensive medical, psychosocial, functional and financial assessment.  We evaluate the following areas: home and individual safety, physical and medical needs, cognitive functioning, emotional and psychological well-being, nutrition, caregivers and other providers, socialization, and quality of life.  


The comprehensive assessment results in a Care Plan, outlining the client’s strengths, needs, goals, and next steps. The Care Plan is individualized for each individual or couple and includes recommendations for managing the client’s conditions and meeting the client’s needs to prevent crises, when possible, and to manage them when they occur.  The Care Plan is shared with the client and family to ensure that all important issues are addressed and prioritized, and agreed upon by all parties involved.  The plan may also include referrals to local care providers for specific needs.

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