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  COVID-19 UPDATE: Medicare benefits now available for tele-mental health.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure which way to turn?

We can help you navigate the maze of services in South Florida and choose the best options for your loved one.

Sun Family Care is committed to providing confidential, compassionate care that creates realistic and effective solutions to meet your family’s needs. Whether you are trying to manage a local crisis or trying to keep things together from long distance, we can help.


We serve families in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties and provide referral services in other locations.

Best In Class Comprehensive Care

Sun Family Care provides a unique team approach to care management. Each client is cared for by a team consisting of a social worker and a nurse.


The nurses go to doctors’ appointments, monitor all health care issues, and manage medications and medical procedures. The social workers manage family dynamics and attend to the older adult’s psychosocial needs. All care managers ensure seamless communication between the older adult, family, and care providers.


The Team maximizes quality of life for the client and provides peace of mind for the family.

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